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Self Portrait Tuesday.

This month’s criteria:

Use an enclosed environment‚ a space that has confines or restrictions.

Also: The element of chance is important, not looking through the viewfinder, but rather viewing yourself as others might see you in that circumstance. Holding the camera out in front of you or placing it on a surface and pressing the shutter.

Technically, I didn’t lose my very first cherished pair of
red and black striped over-the-knee socks.

I mindlessly left them behind.

red and black over-the-knee socks

Two days later I found the same socks on e-Bay with a seller in the UK who took bids. I submitted a price that gave me four pairs (including shipping and handling) for the same amount I paid for one pair here at Hot Topic.

I want to be outside, but work confines me indoors. The high humidity doesn’t help.
This self-portrait was taken on the coffee table in front of the northwest-facing windows in late afternoon. It was 96 degrees yet, at 1738. I can watch the sun slip lower towards the horizon from my second story view.

There’s a large over-stuffed chair across from the coffee table. I set the camera with the 20-second timer on the arm of  the chair.
Can I get you something to drink?


It’s a great name for a cocktail, isn’t it?

For the first study of this quilt block design, I chose warm, summer colors in a traditional layout:

Log cabin Swirl quilt pattern in summer colors.

I chose cooler colors for the second version and added a custom border:

Log Cabin Swirl quilt pattern in cool spring colors.

Self-portrait Tuesday asks:

Is there one thing in your life that you want to let go of, conquer or achieve?

Here is my question to you: How are you going to do it?

Well. There are many things. But this one thing I’ve always wanted to do.

Here, I’ve conquered the digital quilt.

“Spider’s Den”

Spider's Den Digital Quilt

Now…do I want to let go of the Spider’s Den

or do I want to achieve it?

I don’t know how old I was when I first consciously acknowledged my satisfaction from creating new things.

My earliest “picture” memory of the happinest I felt from creating dates back to around my fifth birthday, when my Aunt Audrey taught me how to write my name.

Both St. Nick and the Easter Bunny were fond of leaving us crayons and coloring books. With seven kids in the family, you can imagine our supplies often ran slim. Fresh crayons and new coloring books always brought on warm happy feelings. By now I was no stranger to “coloring in the lines”.

This day was different and my whole world changed, it seemed.

Image of my name in manuscript font

With a crayon, I diligently copied the shapes of the letters Audrey drew for me, spelling my name.This is my first memory of drawing.

I suppose then, it is also my earliest self-portrait moment memory…

since I drew shapes that when combined, symbolized me.

On Tuesday, even.

The best part about a self-portrait is that you can make it look way cooler than what is seen in the mirror.

Here’s my first self portrait; a semi-pop art rendition of moi.

Self Portrait #1