I’ve always loved raspberries and in the past decade, raspberry iced tea.

Until now I’ve never made my own raspberry iced tea, but last week I ran out of coffee and on my way down the aisle at the grocery store I noticed the store brand black tea on sale. Matter-of-fact, I was out of tea, too, having drank it all the last time I ran out of coffee. So I stocked up on both.

Back in my college days when I was raising babies and studying Organic Chem in one fell swoop, I made my daughter peppermint tea with leaves fresh from my gardens.Celestial seasonings Sleepytime Tea

In winter, when fresh peppermint wasn’t available and we had gone through our supply of dried peppermint, Celestial Seasonings was the commercial substitute brand of choice.

In those days, a cup of honeyed Sleepytime and a gentle calf muscle massage always put my baby-girl to sleep. And oh, the new Honey Vanilla Chai flavor is wonderful…

Tonight, I finally took time out to brew my own raspberry tea. It was a decision made by need, not choice. I walked out to the street first, with the intention of going over to the store to buy a few bottles of my favorite sports drink, when I noticed the store was already closed due to the Fourth of July holiday.


There’s something to be said for being raised a country girl taught at a young age to keep a well stocked pantry.Celestial Seasonings Raspberry cool Brew Tea

I made a 2-quart pitcher of Raspberry Ice Cool Brew and a tall glass is sitting here on my desk as I write.

Another one gallon pitcher is brewing on the counter in the kitchen…half raspberry, half regular black tea…that should last me a day or two.

Happy Independence Day…